Evan Chamberlain / Artist


About Evan Chamberlain


    Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Ri
    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Glass - 2010

Solo Exhibitions Brooklyn, Ny "Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era?" The Active Space, Oct 28th 2011

Group Exhibitions
Brooklyn, Ny "New Americana" Bond Street Gallery, August 28th

    Providence, Ri "Limits Complete" Gallery GB4 spring 2010

    Providence, Ri  "Glass Triennial" Woods Gerry Gallery, fall          2009
    Providence, Ri  "RISD Exposé" Hillel Gallery, Nov 4th            2009

    Providence, Ri  "Glass Triennial" Woods Gerry Gallery, fall 

    Providence, Ri  "Encounter" Exhibited around the city of         Providence spring 2009

    Providence, Ri "Fragile Present" Hillel Gallery  Mar 5th         spring 2009

    Providence, Ri "Religion" Gellman Gallery winter 2008

    Providence, Ri "Time" Gelman Gallery fall 2007


    Providence, RI "Limits Complete" Gallery GB4 spring 2010


    Benjamin Moore Inc. assistant to Benjamin Moore Dante Marioni, Paul Cunningham, Anne Walstrom, Dan Dailey, Preston Singletary in summer 2007.

    Manifesto Lighting worked blowing custom lighting fixtures for commercial appreciation with Lucca Rattazi Summer 2007

    Studio 619 created work for three exhibitions of work with creating instruments from hollowed out logs in summer 2008.

    David Palmer Furniture worked of finishing and building custom furniture in summer 2008.

    Pratt Fine Art Center Taught and monitored welding and forging facilities for students looking to build steel and bronze art in summer 2008.

    RISD Glass Casting Monitor Monitored and helped students with sand, mold and hot casting 2007-2009

    RISD Glass Tech Assistant Up keep the RISD glass studios and build or repair glory holes, pipe buckets and various coldworking machines. 2007-2010

Skills Glass: 7 years experience blowing, focus in venetian techniques. 3 years lampworking and tube bending, 4 years cold working and lathing. Metal: experience with MIG welding, cutting and working with band saws, chop saw, oxy-acetelyne, forging and belt sander. Wood: experience with band saw, table saw, sander, drill press. Computer: Macintosh, PC, extensive knowledge of photoshop, illustrator, processing, Arduino, Java, and c++ programing. Working Knowledge of Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Indesign and am Able to use a wide variety of computer programs. Organizational: Ability to research and manage multiple jobs and projects. Strong people skills and ability to teach various ideas and techniques with ease.